Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stuck in the mud

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like a complete failure in about every aspect of your life? Tuesdays has for a long time been my day to be Dad and get a taste of what mother's go through every day. Tracey works on Tuesday so that is my time to get a feel for that. I've been grateful for the opportunity because it has given me a greater appreciation for just how hard that can be to keep everything together. Between meals and cleaning up and running errands, etc. you mothers have a hard job. We've only got two kids, I can't imagine having four or more to keep track of. Most Tuesdays seem to go well enough but this one just seemed to get worse as the day went on. I felt like that time I was stuck in the mud (remember Mom) and the harder you try to get out the more stuck you get. After getting the kids ready we had some errands to run and I walk out of the house into the garage to get into the truck. Well it was about then that I realized I didn't have my keys. Sure enough I had locked the door on the way out, so now we were stuck in the garage with no way in. After cursing my bad luck for a while, we took the 4-wheeler over to Terry and Ronda's and borrowed their car. We rode up to the pharmacy and got Tracey's key and drove back home (an hour round trip). The day got progressively worse (or maybe it was just my mood) as we finished the errands and returned home. It seemed like I had been getting after the kids all day for fighting or not listening, etc. Next thing I know Tristyn comes running in the room balling because Ty has hit her with something. My patience was more than worn at this point, and I couldn't help but feel a little discouraged about the events of the day. It was a short time later that I caght Ty and Tristyn cuddling on the couch and acting like they love each other. This was like seeing my Mom coming to pull me out of the mud, like maybe my parenting isn't a complete failure. It made me once again appreciate all the hard work you mothers go to. Thank you Tracey, I know my one day a week doesn't hold a lot of weight compared to all the time you spend, but I do appreciate all you do. Thank you Mom for all the work you went to in raising all five of us, I don't know how you did it, but I know you did a great job. I'm so thankful to be a Dad, and thankful to all the mothers out there that are an inspiration to me. (;

Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow the rules...or else!

Saturday night we took the frontrunner down to Salt Lake to watch a play with a bunch of people from Tracey's family. We got down there fine with no problems. The play was actually pretty good. It was this little off broadway theatre that does parodies and improv comedy. They did a parody on It's a wonderful life that ended up being quite funny. Anyway after the play we went back to get on the frontrunner to go home. As I was walking through the door of the train, not paying attention, the door closed right on my forehead and nose causing this unforntunate mark. Tracey's family already calls me "Focker" from that Meet the Parents movie. Well this is "Focker meets Tommy Boy" apparently. We all got a good laugh about it, and other than an enlarged forehead no harm was done. While we were away Tracey's cousin Keishas husband was home with the kids. Well he apparently had the nerve to grab a piece of pizza and attempted to eat it while standing up holding his little boy. That was too much for Ty to handle so he quickly reprimanded Jordan and told him he wasn't allowed to eat his pizza anywhere but at the table because it might get crumbs on the floor and his Mom would get mad. Jordan apologized and sat down at the bar. At the bar are the bar stools that conveniently swivel to make rocking his baby boy a little easier. Upon commencement of swiveling there was Ty again telling Jordan he can't swivel in the chairs as they might crash into one another. Jordan apologized and after a few moments unconsciously started to swivel again, Ty chimed in "You're swiveling!" This is all interesting because at least we know that he knows the rules and is willing to make sure other people follow them, although he doesn't want to follow them himself. We all got a good laugh about that when Jordan relayed the story back to us. So if you're ever at our house make sure you follow the rules or....you may have to live with the consequences of Ty's watchful eye!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Tis the season...to party

Santa is the only one to have the guts to enter the house with his shoes on! (:

We had the annual Hancock Christmas party the other night. This is the party with Terry's brother Val, his wife Joann and their family. Terry's folks passed away when he was young so he was partly raised by Val. They are like grandparents to Tracey, and we all have a great time when we get together! They are such fun people and the party had everything from disco to bunko. Tristyn and Kailee danced their clogging routines for us. Tyler and Kaden did their clear water duet. There was a pinata for the kids to take their aggressions out on. I'm not sure why, but the pinata was a Santa pinata. I can't imagine the fat guy being too excited to leave toys when their hitting him with a bat a few days before Christmas. Hopefully he forgives easily. We even had a surprise visit from Santa at our house before the party. All in all it was a fun night. Since we don't send out Christmas cards, we'll take the opportunity here to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Waiting for the pinata to break so they can make a rush for the candy.

Where did Santa go?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a Christmas miracle!

After months of bribery, encouragement, threatening, pleading, etc. Ty has finally decided to be a big boy and poop on the potty consistently. Yes it is a Christmas miracle! We bought him a scooter months ago and promised him we'd put it together as soon as he decided to be a big boy. Tracey wrapped a whole bunch of little dollar toys for him to unwrap every time he would go on the potty. None of that would motivate him to go. Now after a couple of accidents he's going as often as he can to get the next present. The phobia is finally over (crossing my fingers). We ceremoniously threw the pull ups in the garbage, and everybody is happy!

Another Christmas miracle. The poor little guy ran out of gas on his way back from the potty. He was testing the waters between naughty and nice the other day and had to spend a little time-out time in his room. Then I heard the door open as he made his way to the potty. When he was finished he went back to his room and shut the door. After a few minutes of no noise (he's usually flinging the door-stop, or asking if he can come out now, or kicking the ground, etc.) I decided to check on him and found him, sword in hand, laying on the floor asleep- too tired to even pull up his pants after the potty. 'Tis the season for miracles!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beauty and the Beast!

Tracey and Tristyn had a girls night out they'd been planning for about a week, so I had a fun night planned for Ty and I. A night full of wrestling and watching the Jazz and any other sports program we could find. As I got home I found out that Tyler and Carrie needed a little help with the kids until they got home, so plans had to change a little. Ty was more than excited that his cousins got to come over, and I was excited that he was excited. I wasn't quite sure what to do for entertainment so we pulled out the ol' karaoke machine which turned out to be a great decision. Ty and Kailee kept themselves busy with that for a while, so that meant two kids down only one to keep an eye on. That is when I captured this little gem of a duet. It ended up being a lot of fun, and later we even added more kids to the party as Tera and the twins stopped by. Ty had a blast playing with his cousins and the Jazz lost anyway so it all turned out good!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What the heck, Santa?

We recently had our ward Christmas party. It was a lot of fun as there was music, dancing, good food, and of course Santa. Ty didn't enjoy the Santa part so much. He sat on his lap just fine, but as you can see from the picture he wasn't too excited about the results. All the kids got a little package from Santa, with some candy and a couple other little items in it. We asked Ty why the sour face and he said he asked Santa for a sword and when he opened his package, fully expecting a sword to be in it, he was a little upset to find it missing a sword. We tried to explain that Santa doesn't give it to you right then, but he's still a little ticked off at him. So other than Ty not getting his sword, we all had a good time.

Ty loved dancing with the ladies!

Tristyn and her friend Paige

Monday, December 8, 2008

Say cheese....

We finally took time to go and get some family pictures after two years without doing it. Amber Togisala was our photographer and we felt she did a great job. The kids were great and the whole experience turned out a lot better than some of our past photograph sessions. Here are some of our favorites.

Momma's girl!

Daddy's little buddy!

The hardest part about the session was keeping Ty from smiling too big. He's a natural cheese.

Tristyn's growing up a little too fast for our liking!

We wish they got along like this every day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's the most wonderful time....

Thanksgiving night we watched "Christmas Vacation" at my folks house which in turn inspired all of us to go decorate the house for the season. My one or two hour project (sure Tracey) of hanging lights ended up being closer to 6 hours. That head lamp Tracey bought me for jogging came in handy. It all worked out good though because Tina, who was staying with us a few days, put up our tree and even decorated it. That is usually my job so I didn't mind hanging the lights to get out of that (thanks Tina). Now we're all set for cousin Eddy to show up in his RV.
Merry Christmas!

"All the stockings are hung by the chimney with care". Who's bringing the marshmallows for roasting?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving lessons learned

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and with it has come some extra lessons learned. Lesson #1: You can never have too many pies. Mom had ten pies this year, along with a couple from Cindy, all of which were wonderful. Tracey made one as well for later that night that was wonderful as well. Which brings us to lesson #2: The human body can consume approximately 10 slices of pie before going into convulsions and vomiting (I didn't reach that point, but one more slice and I was there). Lesson #3: If you leave two boys 3 or under together alone for longer than 5 minutes, there will be an unfortunate disaster that you will have to clean up (i.e. all the bathtub toys, towels, etc. stuffed into Grandma's toilet). By the way Cindy's boy Ben was the ring leader on that one, which I found out after an intense closed door interrogation of the two on the couch. Just look at Ty's face, there is no mischief there at all (: Lesson #4: If you get 4 boys age 3 and under together, life tends to be nothing more than a blur. Just ask Terry and Ronda, they had the grandkids sleep over thanksgiving night. Hopefully the two girls will be a calming influence on the four boys, but I kind of doubt it. Lesson #5: We have a lot to be grateful for! It is great to get together with family and take time to realize just how blessed we are. So there you go a few little nuggets of wisdom learned firsthand. Oh and Mom don't worry, we rinsed the towels in the sink before we hung them back up. Just Kidding!

Mom's famous pies! Marie Callendar doesn't hold a candle to Mom!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing heals a broken heart like......

After the BYU debacle Saturday night (I still suspect sabotage, the wrong person wore red underwear or something), I needed something to get me through the next 24 hrs. and heal my broken heart (I know Dad, it's just a game and life does go on thankfully). What better than a little Wii time. We broke out the Wii and played a little sports package where I could take advantage of the kids ( I took out some aggression by knocking Tristyn out in boxing, I feel tough now). We followed that up the next day with some family guitar hero time. It may take a few more sessions of this type of therapy to get back to normal (I plan on beating Ty in tennis today), but hey whatever it takes right.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Detmer fever

So I get this picture text message on my phone the other day and when I open it up it's a picture of my Mom and Dad's neighbor Marlisa with who else but Ty Detmer. I've always admired Ty, to the point that we named our son Ty. We have a signed Heisman trophy poster hanging in Ty's room, along with a miniature BYU helmet that Ty signed as well. Anyway Marlisa knew how much I admired him and was at a conference in Hawaii where she was able to meet him. She found out my phone number from my Mom and sent me the picture. In the text she said he is one of the nicest guys she's ever met, and she couldn't think of a better guy to look up to. I thought that was pretty cool, but it got even cooler. My folks came over the other night with some gifts that she had brought home for us. The first was a hat that Ty had signed for little Ty. The second was a football for me that he and some other players had signed. That was such a nice gesture, I still can't believe that she was so thoughtful to think about us. So now we will add the memorabilia to our Detmer shrine (also kown as Ty's room). I frequently ask little Ty "who was the greatest college quarterback of all time?" He quickly responds, "Ty Detmer." I'm hoping the timing of this has some significance as this is rivalry week. GO Cougars! Thanks again Marlisa, we love the gifts!

The hat says "To little Ty, best of luck".


The football is signed by Chad Lewis, Vai Sikahaema, Todd Shell, and Ty Detmer.

Ox in the mire

Sunday turned out to be kind of a strange day. Getting ready for church in the morning, I heard this big bang against our window. When I looked out on the deck to see what had just hit our window, there was this ginormous owl sitting on our deck. It was mostly white in color and looked like either a barn owl or a long-eared owl. It sat there for a moment while I was scrambling to get the camera out, then when I was ready it flew away. You know when you have an owl fly into your window it has a chance to be an odd day. Well after church I walked downstairs and stepped into a puddle at the bottom. My first thought was that Ty had relieved himself on the carpet. I started looking around and opened the furnace room door and discovered water everywhere. Turns out a sensor on our water heater had gone out and the pressure release valve on the side had spewed water all over. I kept looking and found that it had seeped under the walls in the basement and flooded a storage closet, as well as some other carpeted areas. So now we officially had an Ox in the mire. We spent a good part of the rest of the day vacuuming up water, etc. Tracey's grandparents loaned us some fans and Mom and Dad brought over some space heaters so we just have to wait for it to dry now. Experiences like this help you appreciate when everything is going good a little more. So next time an owl flies into your house, you may want to go check the basement!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tristyn was practicing her clogging so I had to capture it on video. My favorite part is right at the end of the video the look that I get from her. If looks could kill....wow! She wasn't exactly happy that I took the video, but I'm proud of how well she does with it so I couldn't help it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Air bud?

I hesitate posting this one, but it's always nice knowing your children have tender hearts('cause honestly some days you wonder). I was in the other room doing some vacuuming (yes mother all your efforts paid off) when all of a sudden I heard this hysterical crying coming from our bedroom. Ty was in there on our bed watching Air Bud for the first time and I thought maybe he'd fallen off of the bed, or jumped into the ceiling fan, or ..... I ran in there and he was just fine physically but apparently Air Bud had gotten lost on the show and Ty was so upset it took a couple of minutes for him to settle down to be able to tell me what had happened. I couldn't help it I had to record it(the video quality didn't turn out too good because I took it on my phone, but you get the idea). Then to top it off, later that day when Tristyn got home from school she wanted to watch it and again I was in the other room (probably mopping or something) and I hear this snuffling coming from the bedroom. I walk down and this time Tristyn is in tears at the same point in the show that had Ty in hysterics. She wouldn't let me take her picture though. So the moral of the story is if you haven't seen Air Bud, take a box of tissues with you when you do.

(Sidenote: JAZZ 6-1)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh beautiful.....

My old buddy John called me up and asked me to go 4-wheeling with him Friday, so I was able to take off half a day and head up in the mountains. I was surprised how much snow there was up there already. I'm also always surprised at just how beautiful the mountains are. It certainly brought to mind that song "America the beautiful", as we looked over the snow filled mountains. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy God's wonderful creations in this wonderful nation. I hope I can always remeber the sacrifices of the many women and men who have given so much so that we may enjoy the things that sometimes I take for granted.

(Sidenote: BYU 41 SDSU 12)