Monday, April 18, 2011

growing up

It's sure a lot of fun to see your kids growing up and accomplishing things that they set their minds to. Here's a couple things that they've been up to lately... Ty just finished the requirements and passed the test for his Orange belt in Karate. Here's Ty with a couple of his Karate instructors. They've done a great job with him.
He's really worked hard to earn his belts. It's been a lot of fun to see.
Tristyn is a finalist in the seventh grade officer runnings. Here's a couple posters she (and Mom and Grandma) made to hang up at school.
Good luck in the voting Tristyn! We are so proud of you.

Friday, April 8, 2011


This last conference President Monson spoke a lot about temples and how important they are. I'm grateful to a wonderful Mother who understands this and recently took Tristyn there to do baptisms now that she's 12. She had a wonderful experience. Thanks Mom for taking her and for the pictures. The next time we can go to the Ogden temple it will look a lot different following all the renovations.