Saturday, February 26, 2011

You be the judge...

You be the judge, who makes the better prom date?
Or me?
Judge wisely

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty!

Hard to believe it's been six years ago since little Ty was born. He's brought a lot of joy (and mischief) into our lives. Happy birthday little buddy. We sure love you.

Here's a picture of the family right after he was born... Here he is today. He got a new bike for his present.

Showing off his flashing teeth at my "favorite" place on earth...the Layton classic fun center

Having fun with his buddy on the blowup toys.

Blowing out his darth vader candle

Finally he can display his age on two hands now

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines dance

The school recently had their Valentines dance. I don't remember them doing this when I was a kid. Anyway Here's a few pictures of that experience (I'm not to excited about her dancing with boys yet).

Here she is with some of her friends. Here she is with a bunch of dang boys...

She's smiling a little too much for my liking...

Looks like they all had fun. What's wrong with just giving each other some candy?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aloha 2011

Aloha! We went on an Associated Foods sponsored trip. We had such a good time. We spent 6 days on the big island, and 3 on Oahu. This is a long post, but there were too many fun pictures not to share. Tracey and Ty getting ready for the long flight over.
Here's some photos with the luau cast on our second night

We went on a little snorkling adventure on the third day. Here the kids got to drive the boat for a minute.

hanging on the catamaran on the way to snorkel

Here's our snorkling boat crew. They were very helpful the whole time. We saw some awesome coral and some pretty cool fish. The best part is I didn't get sea-sick this time.

We took a walk on this beach that they only let a few people on per day. We saw turtles everywhere. These two were up sunning on the beach. That was pretty cool to see them.

This is one of the coolest things the kids have ever done. At our hotel they had a place where the kids could interact with the dolphins. They both loved it so much. Ty was just beside himself giggling the whole time, and Tristyn couldn't quit smiling for quite a while afterwards.

They both got a chance to kiss the dolphin.

Ty could have spent all day just at the hotel water slides. That was one of his favorite things besides the dolphins.

They had a really cool lagoon right there at the hotel that you could snorkel at or take out some water toys. We saw a bunch of turtles in there as well as a lot of cool tropical fish. Here's Tristyn and her friend Brittany (she met her two years ago when we went to Hawaii and they were there again, they have a store up in Malad Idaho)

Ty and Taylor (Brittany's brother) paddle surfing in the lagoon

The lagoon had a nice beach that the kids could play on.

Here's the view from our room on the big island

This is over in Oahu at Pearl Harbor. This is aboard the battleship Missouri. The circle Tristyn is standing by is the place where the treaty was signed that ended the war with the Japanese.

Standing in front of the battleship Missouri. Pearl Harbor was one of the highlights for me. It's amazing the sacrifices people have made for us to enjoy our freedoms.

This is on the dock by the battleship Missouri. That's the Arizona memorial in the background. It was closed the first night when we got there so we went back the next morning to catch the tour out there.

One of the memorials at Pearl Harbor.

We spent a day at the Polynesian culure center. That was sure a cool experience. That night they had a show called "the breath of life". Here's the family after the show with the main actor. The girls really liked him for some reason...

These two were also in the show. If you ever get a chance to see that show it's worth your time. We were all very impressed. Throughout it had lots of the cultural dances, and traditions.

The temple is located really close to the cultural center so that was fun to go over and see the beautiful temple grounds.

We had a wonderful time. It's nice to be home though. What a beautiful place.