Friday, June 26, 2009

Do you want fries with that?

The kids and I went to the pool the other day with a couple of Tristyn's friends that came along (we won't mention their names for their own protection). We all had a fun day at the pool and were headed home when we stopped at Wendy's. We placed our order fine and pulled up to the window to pay and pick up our food. As the lady is standing at the window I hear from the back seat loud enough for the homeless man across the street to hear, not to mention the lady standing at the window (whom the comment is directed at), "We had the funnest day ever I bet your jealous". When the lady says nothing, and I'm quietly praying for the sweet child not to say anymore, she then finishes her well wishes by yelling, "we were swimming all day and you were STUCK at WENDY'S!" The lady handed me the food and quickly shut the window. I was left speechless as I offered a weak smile and quickly drove away. Thank goodness for the sweet "innocence" of an 11 year old.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember when...

...a trampoline was all you needed for fine dining, not to mention a great night "out".
...wearing your pants on your head was acceptable behavior.

...You had time to enjoy a nice bubblebath.

Wearing Dad's shoes was like the coolest thing ever.(Happy Father's Day Dad)

...a good friend and a big blow-up toy was all you needed for a happy birthday.

...going to the dentist was fun.

...dressing up as a superhero made your day.

....climbing that "mountain" you just climbed seemed impossible.

...drinking from a hose was better than from any other source.

...people didn't make fun of you for wearing white pants (okay so maybe that was a long time ago, but I think it was cool once).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Call me Gilligan

On Tracey's birthday we thought it would be fun to pack up the four-wheelers and go for a little ride up Willard peak. Much like Gilligan and the Skipper (I played both parts) we headed out on what was supposed to be a three hour tour. Half way up we ran into a little trouble. There was one spot where the trail got very narrow because the snow still hadn't melted yet. In this first picture right about in the middle is where you can see most of the trail dissapear. I had both of the kids on with me and was a little uncomfortable so I had them get off and walk across (first clue to turn around) As I started across I was nervous but made it okay. Then Tracey(Ginger) started following behind me and her tires hit the snowbank and pushed her out to where she started falling down the hill. The rest all happened kind of quick but I jumped off my 4 wheeler to try and grab her. I still don't know how she didn't roll the bike at that point. The two of us tried to pull the bike back onto the trail but couldn't as most of it was hanging over the edge. We finally had to let it go and watch as it slid down the hill into a large gulley. No damage was done because it just slid down the snow but now we didn't know how to get it back up. Tracey and I tried for a long time to get it back up the hill but kept getting stuck in the snow. Exhausted and wanting to get out of there because it looked like a storm was rolling in I tried to gun it up an embankment full of brush and rocks when it started to come back over the top of me. I thought I was going to get smashed but was able to get out of the way and then we both watched helplessly as it rolled end over end down the hill.
This second picture is the gulley that we were trapped in. When it rolled it smashed the whole front piece up tearing off the ingition and smashing the front all up. Now we were in a mess but luckily I had my phone to call for some help. Rob was going to meet us at the bottom and ride up to help us pull it out. We also got a hold of my Mom to pick the kids out and take them home. So the four of us packed up on the one four wheeler and headed down the mountain. After dropping the kids off Rob was there and we all headed back up to try and get the bike out. Between the wench and some tow ropes Rob was pretty creative and somehow we got it out after some work. Rob (the professor) pieced the ignition back together and we were able to drive it down the mountain.

Here's some of the damage. We feel very blessed that nobody got hurt. Our three hour tour turned into over 9 hours of non-stop fun! That's a birthday Tracey will never forget.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Tracey!

Happy Birthday Tracey (she's only 36)! Here are a few of my favorite pictures (as far back as we had a digital camera anyway) in no particular order. Hope you have a wonderful day, we love you!

Girls gone wild at Lake Powell, Tracey's favorite trip.
This is one of the only pictures I could find of Tracey by herself. This was some beautiful scenery in Hawaii.

Dinner in Hawaii

Halloween at the Hancocks

Christmas at Ma'am and Papa's.

Helping Tristyn with her clogging in the 4th of July parade. Tracey has always been so good to help Tristyn be her best.

With the kids at a Disney on Ice production.

Hanging out at the zoo.

Tracey holding Ty right after he was born.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last night we had t-ball pictures with Tristyn's team. Nothing too complicated right? I mean you can't really screw up a team photo with a bunch of innocent girls can you? As we were taking the pictures I started chuckling because I was reminded of a just such a thing back in 2004. I was running late as I got home late from work so in my hurry to get to the pictures I just grabbed a t-shirt and threw it on as I race out the door. Notice the name of our team- the princess team. Now from afar things look just fine but keep in mind this is a photo of a photo so as you get a closer look you'll understand the problem.
Here you get a better idea. A little background on the shirt is Tracey bought it for me without even thinking that what was written on the shirt may be taken the wrong way. Why I kept the shirt I'm not sure, but let's get a closer look shall we.
On this last picture you can see the concern I had when I realized that was the shirt I wore to the pictures. The problem is I didn't even realize it until one of the Dad's pointed it out to me after we got the pictures back. He came up to me and said, "Nice shirt in the picture. What are you some kind of pervert?" The worst part is in the fine print that you can't read to well because it's blurry, but it says "located next to chubbys foot longs". Needless to say I don't have the shirt anymore. Not to mention I still get some funny looks from some of the parents of those girls. Not my brightest moment.

Monday, June 1, 2009


So I keep having this recurring nightmare every third night or so. It goes kinda like this: I wake up, get showered, eat breakfast and then walk outside to leave for work. As I walk outside I take a look at the lawn as I always do and the lawn is full of hundreds of Dandelions. I'm completely frustrated because I've spent so much time and effort making sure that I don't have dandelions. Then I spend the rest of the dream stressing out about how I'm going to get rid of the dandelions. I'm requesting any with dream interpretating skills to help me understand my recurring nightmare. Why does it keep coming back? Why dandelions? Why not some other weed? Please help.