Thursday, June 2, 2011

H2B 2011

Tyler and I went down to Blanding and ran in the first annual Huff to Bluff marathon. As far as marathons go it was a lot of fun. The scenery, weather, people were all great. Here's a few pictures from the trip down.

We had a Bigfoot sighting on the way back

Here was the only theatre in town with its one show and show time. I think there was one traffic light in town.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out the carnival was in town. Talk about excitement...

This was some of the beautiful scenery that was down there

Twin Rocks cafe located in Bluff.

Finish line photo

Tyler and I started laughing the night before when we got our running clothes out and discovered that we had matching outfits for the run. What are the odds? Then during the run a lady asked us if we had planned our outfits to match. Really lady?

It was a fun trip and a nice course. I wouldn't mind doing that one again. Maybe we'll shoot for H2B 2012. The only thing I'd change is to make sure that Tyler and I do coordinate so that we DON'T have the same outfit.


K.Booth said...

K. Matching outfits are hilarious. BFFS on the run.........that could be your tag line.
I have never heard of that race. Those one theater towns are the best! Congrats on your is always an accomplishment to finish a marathon, especially so well coordinated.

Susan said...

Doing a bit of blog snooping. Congrats to Tom and Tyler. I cannot imagine running 26 miles. Wow.

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